The Internet has always been Erman’s biggest focus and interest ever since he was a kid. In his first years of university, he realized that it could be his profession as well. Even though he earned some money and made a living out of it, he was having a lot of problems in dealing with the clients, money, deadlines, etc. Being a business partner with the person who he trusts the most in this life elevated his business experience to another level. After a few smaller entrepreneurship adventures, Erman and Ali founded Digibase, a digital marketing agency in Istanbul, and they have been working with international and national clients for eight years.

In 2016, Ali came up with the new business idea—Selfinvest. Erman has been responsible for digital marketing and technical part of Selfinvest’s first product, Business for Freedom. Selfinvest brought Erman’s potential out by giving him the freedom of doing the things he loves, in the way he loves. While Selfinvest was changing lives of Selfinvesters by sharing freedom, love, and know-how, Erman’s life was also changing. Now with Solverhood, he works with many entrepreneurs from all over the world. He creates an amazing customer experience which he could have never imagined possible. He provides geniously-packed services packages to entrepreneurs and solves their business problems, raising their businesses to another level in the digital world.


Being a part of Selfinvest family and working with Selfinvesters as a Selfinvester has changed my life in almost every aspect. Explaining everything in a brief review is tough—maybe impossible. I need ten pages for this, but I will try my best to explain what I gained from Selfinvest.

I have always had trouble with customer relations because I have never been clear or honest enough—a struggle almost everyone in the business world can relate to. Selfinvest showed me that there is another way. I have been free to do just the things I love, in the way I love with a company branded and positioned to meet my goals and my clients. When your brand is created and positioned in a professional way with consideration of all your strengths and weaknesses, that brand and your business become the place where you are the happiest and most comfortable. It’s an extension of you, and its invaluable.

Before Selfinvest, I never loved my business. Business was always a way to earn money and a position, never something I did for joy. After Selfinvest, my relation with my business is entirely different. I just love it, plain and simple, and it makes me happy and thankful. My business is my best friend.

In summary, Selfinvest helped me:
- learn that I could be happy with my business and just do the things I love, the way I love to.
- craft my business and provided everything I needed to make it the best it can be (branding, positioning, creative sets, website, products, business strategies, next steps, and much more...).
- develop a perfect business environment and relationships with many people who love each other, themselves, their businesses, and learning from each other.
- actually, love and be more honest with myself and everyone else.
- learn more about the life I wanted and to actually LIVE it.
- care about other people and to love, show compassion, and understand them.
- show what a real friendship means and how that translates to my business.

Apart from the business aspect, Selfinvest made me a new person, or as Ali always says, “A better version of myself.”

I know I have so much to learn and discover, to be better, and I am working on it. Selfinvest gave me all teachings, tools, and tricks I need to get there. Selfinvest taught me that I am responsible for my own life and my happiness.

I am happy, thankful, and proud that I am part of the Selfinvest family.


“We provide smart, digital and strategic solutions and pack them to help your company succeed. These packages are primarily geared toward digital and strategic products and services that will enhance your business’s website and, therefore, your customer engagement, sending your company to the next level.

We are helping entrepreneurs create a strong digital presence by offering effective, packaged solutions that are hassle-free and easy to use. We engineer these packages that promote high rankings in search engines, security, website speed, e-commerce engagement, advertisement revenue, and a compelling brand identity.

Creating a reality where individuals are free from the problems that stand between them and their freedom in the world of entrepreneurship.

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