Fiorella used to work full-time for five years in a big corporate finance company. During this busy business life, she met yoga, and she did her best for her hobby that she loves. She realized that her hobby could become her business. Now Fiorella is a professional yoga instructor who has a lot of happy students. She is traveling, spreading her love and yoga. After Beyond Time got born, she organizes yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, and other yoga organizations all over the world and provides journeys towards awareness for individuals.


When I met SelfInvest I had just so many ideas full of love & passion that I couldn't ground and materialize. But they are dream catchers and dream makers. They just let you do what you really love and make it real. Making all dreams come true. Making people happy and successful business owners like me which don't even realize they are working. To be in peace with your soul and surrender to everything which you love is to work with this honest, skillful and opened-hearted team. Thank you so much for everything, SelfInvest. Thank you for opening the window of investing in myself for a new&more meaningful life. Love.


“Come on a beautiful journey of self-awareness and deep understanding of the meaning of Yoga. Using asana, breathing techniques, a healthy diet, and closer examination of our personal choices, Yoga will change your entire way of life and how you see the world. You will leave this retreat a rejuvenated person with fresh batteries and a pure desire to live in union with yourself and with the world at large.”

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