Giovanni graduated from the faculty of nutrition and dietetics, and he started to provide private consultations as a nutritionist. When he decided to be a Selfinvester, he had a new brand, a new business, and surface to position and value himself, land his dreams, to create a change in the world which he had been imagining.
In a few months, he could quadruple his income and work less than his past experiences.
LifeLifting is lifting many lives by the power of science and true knowledge it creates more self-love on the planet earth.


To me, working with Selfinvest meant a GREAT change. It made me think in a totally different way in terms of business, relationships with other people, personal development and being successful. It taught me that limits are put by ourselves and that, the biggest enemy we can have is every each of us. It taught me to truly love what I do and also that you can be successful doing what you really like and, what is more important, doing it the way YOU like.
It is totally different to be good at something and doing it because you are doing well and it pays the bills than to be good at something and doing it because you just love to do it.
Having said that, I must say that economically I am doing way better since I decided to ally with Selfinvest. I realized that, in what I do (health sciences) changing a person’s life for good is the ultimate goal and that the monetary payment is only a consequence of it, it is the way of saying thank you and acknowledging the change. With the help of the team I was capable of knowing the true value of my services and my knowledge.
Selfinvest gave me self-trust, tools to expand my knowledge and to be capable of helping more people and, above it all, gave me a team that I can trust a 100%.
LifeLifting is my life’s project. It is what I devote all my energy and time. It is my way of trying to change the world and to be able to share my knowledge with everyone who needs it and understands the principles of the company. It is not a business meant to make someone rich of to have a lot of material things. LifeLifting is a true giant in progress, that helps me to be a better person each day, to work harder to achieve my goals, to develop my personal knowledge. It is my purest form of expression


LifeLifting is a brand that offers personal wellness services to people who want to serve themselves. By sharing love and knowledge LifeLifting makes a connection with individuals, lifting their lives by making them aware of health and wellness.

LifeLifting is all about you. About passing on and instilling in your knowledge about health and nutrition, always bearing your lifestyle in mind. In LifeLifting we understand that we’re all different and we celebrate that. We base our work on scientific research and hand it on in plain and simple terms.

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