Goran Obradovic – Train Cool

Goran had graduated from faculty of sports in Belgrade. He had a perfect knowledge of his profession and not too many options for the future job. Because this kind of faculties are producing scientists to work in the gym and the system of gyms are too far from innovation and too busy to provide solutions for individual clients. It didn’t take much time for Goran to realize this, after having a short time experience as a trainer in the gym. He didn’t have freedom for himself or space to improve his skills, his knowledge and faith at his job. Then Goran decided to be a Selfinvester and nothing was impossible anymore. Selfinvest started to build a business which Goran would love and it would give all the opportunities to share his love with his clients to create personal paths for them, to set them free & active in order to love themselves more. By receiving the massages of the brand, a lot of people had the chance to have the services of Train Cool. Today Train Cool is providing completely unique and excellent personal training services to individuals and creating beautiful friendships by sharing knowledge, love and happiness around the friendhood of Train Cool.


When I graduated and became a faculty member of Sport and Physical Education, I was a little bit disappointed because I began working in a gym. I was not motivated because I didn't feel free to explore myself and my field of study on a deeper level. I always felt that there was a bigger connection between the human body and the spirit and that was a mission to explore it more and to share it with other people. I was so interested in this, and I felt deeply in my heart that the opportunity to fulfill this mission was going to come. I just did not know through which channel. Then Selfinvest came along and helped me gave birth to TrainCool. TrainCool became my playground to dive in to myself more while exploring my professional field. I have learned a lot on this journey. It was kind of shocking at the beginning when I realized that I had unlimited space to explore myself. I am free with all the tools that i need at my disposal. The best of digital marketing and business support are just inside of the package. Imagine a house where you just feel free to do whatever you want and nobody is going to judge you, where you can experience true friendship and love, receive the best services for you. The choice is yours. If you still believe that business can meet love. Join me on the journey of freedom.


Cool Trainers are scientists, not soldiers. The counsel of cool trainers works for each and every individual training program. This union of young scientist personal trainers creates magic through connecting their knowledge and love and sharing through friendship. Join to the friendhood and rise your awareness about your body and gain new abilities of movement and motion.
Choose your activity every each week. In addition to your training program enjoy with Basketball, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dancing, and Swimming. Improve yourself with new life skills and discover your potential.

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