After 10 years of experience in corporate life in the USA, Jason was searching for a meaningful and fulfilling mission to work for. When he met Selfinvest, he knew that “Business for freedom” is exactly what he needed. His love for mother nature and his hobby hiking and camping would become a beautiful surface for his new business in a few months with the idea and concept of Rising Routes which was presented by Selfinvest. “Reunion with nature” is not only the slogan of Rising Routes, It is the promise of this lovely business for the people of Colorado. Today Jason has a great channel to share his love with the children of this world and to show to them how the business meets love.


Working with Selfinvest has helped me realized my vision and bring it to fruition. They’ve provided the tools necessary to empower me to pursue my dreams, and more importantly, has encouraged me to seek this journey all through love. Keeping love at the forefront of my work provides the passion and ongoing dedication to my work. Because through love nothing is impossible.


Meetings with Planet Earth.
Each unique journey with Rising Routes is a chance to reconnect with nature and to feel at home once again. There’s no space to overthink in the wilderness of our lovely planet, and so, in the mountains, Mother Nature can remind us of the freedom we feel when we break past our boundaries and rediscover who we are.

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