After leaving the faculty of engineering and gaining a couple of years of experience in corporate life in a big city, Rodrigo decided to follow his heart and started to live in the Peruvian Amazon. His first entrepreneurial venture didn’t meet his expectations. Later on, he met with his business partner, Seihat, he became interested in adventure tourism. When he met with Selfinvest, the destiny was already ordained.
A few months of experience as a Selfinvester made his dream come true. Today, he enjoys nature and adventure sports, and he grows his business—Vertical Journey— day by day. He has so many happy clients from all over the world and creates amazing love relations. Vertical Journey has become one of the most well-known tourism agencies in a very short time. Vertical Journey is now the #1 travel company on Trip Advisor among 50+ companies. Seihat and Rodrigo love themselves every day more and more.


I am Rodrigo del Castillo Haas the CEO of “Vertical Journey.” To be precise and to the point, Selfinvest has helped me to make my dream a reality. When I was about to lunch my life project “Vertical Journey” I was in need of assistance in digital marketing. I don´t like computers much, and it was a really good thing to have met Erman and Ali to help me out with this part of the business, what I did not know is that Selfinvest is so much more than that. While Erman takes care of the technical parts of the digital marketing, Ali looks more into the human aspects of the business. Be ready to listen to Ali talk a lot about love and all the shapes it can present itself when you agree to meet up with him. In the beginning, I didn´t understand much of this, but I was very interested in listening to them. Now that time has passed I see that Erman and Ali make an amazing combination. Selfinvest has helped me with the digital aspects of my business and the human aspects such as motivation, decision-making an up-front truth about anything you present to them. The honesty these guys show is legendary and very helpful.
To wrap it all up, I recommend for everyone to become a Selfinvester. It is something hard to understand in the beginning but as you get to know Selfinvest you get to see that it is a very good choice. Vertical Journey is already four months in the market at the time I am writing this, and I am very happy with the decision I took several months ago to become a Selfinvester.


“Vertical Journey provides adventure tourism experiences in Peruvian Amazon Rainforests. It gives an opportunity to people from all around the World to make a deep connection with mother nature to discover the lifestyle of ancient civilizations and native communities while expanding their limits and creating a better relation with life for them. Joy, safety, fun, and adrenaline are the routes of Vertical Journey. In the near future, Vertical Journey is going to create new locations, routes, and experiences on the planet earth. “

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